MOTE MOTE x GEMA SEMESTA (Reversible Bucket Hat Burgundy-Yellow)

IDR 249.000,00 IDR 211.650,00


Our exclusive collaboration with Gema Semesta.

Reversible bucket hat of two vibrant color-combos to be worn in two facing ways, finished with hand-embellishments on single side. Featuring Gema’s illustration adopted from our F/W19 collection entitled “em-bod-i-ment”.¬†
Together with Gema’s illustration, we also elaborate “sovran” pattern. Sovran¬†itself means ‘supreme in rank’.

Material: Doubled Peach Denim
Color: Burgundy and Yellow combination

Details: Glass and plastic beads embellishment and embroidery.

Size: All-Size (around the head approx. 59 cm)



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