MOTE MOTE x GEMA SEMESTA (Brush Roll-up Holder)

IDR 149.000,00 IDR 99.000,00


Our exclusive collaboration with Gema Semesta.

Tools/Brush Roll-up Holder, made for daily utensils (i.e. paint brush, make-up brush, scissors, markers, etc) for practical way of using. Featuring Gema’s hand illustration, adopted from our F/W19 collection entitled “em-bod-i-ment”.
Together with Gema’s illustration, we elaborate “sovran” pattern. Sovran means ‘supreme in rank’.

Material: Light-weight Doubled Canvas finished with elastic strap.
Color: Black
Details: Glass and plastic beads embellishment, embroidery.
Size: Approx. 41 cm x 22.5 cm (wide x tall) with up to 11 loops provided.

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