IDR  79.000,00

Taken from our Renée Collection. Upcycle your goods by adding our flower embellishments to make it feel brand new. You can send us any fabric-based pieces (tops, bottoms, dress, outers), or fill in the Others tab if you have something else in mind (bags, hats, etc.)

You may choose the type and placement of the appliqué, or leave that up to us by selecting Anywhere Nice on the menu. To add more than one appliqué on your item, just fill in the dropdown menus for each appliqué and add it separately to your cart.

*leather, mesh, and any other risky materials are not advised. For items with unique materials, kindly consult us prior to making this purchase.

*Please make sure that you’ve decided on the items you want us to rework before completing your order. 

Size Chart

Size Guide (ø)
A – E : 9cm
F – G: 7cm
H – J: 5cm
K     : 4.5cm

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